hot-n-Cole StudioWednesday Jan 15, 2020


I came up with this acronym after realizing the things that are important to me. If I am doing a project or working on something where making money is not a factor, I came up with some words that I consider vital in living a good life and serving others. LEARN. I think many decide they have earned a degree or how to do their job a certain way and go on autopilot for the rest of their lives. It seems a bit insane if you ask me. I hope to always try and learn new things by getting outside of my comfort zone and learning new things. INSPIRE. We all need a little motivation to better ourselves. It is important for those who have earned or succeeded to act on their new-found knowledge. As they act, others notice and define what they want and don’t want. As you learn things and become educated or cultured or simply open to new ideas, you become a unique individual. TEACH. The fields of study an expertise are so vast, you could never stop learning. You can also learn by teaching others. What better way to master a subject than to be able to teach others about that subject. It is all about growing and expanding our horizons. Learning, inspiring, teaching are vital aspects of growth. ENTERTAIN. You absolutely need to laugh and be in awe at times. We can try to make learning and teaching fun. Show the glamorous parts of chemistry and biology but ultimately it is hard work. It requires focus and full attention. As you dive into these new ventures, you must infuse a dose of entertainment.