Hello, my name is Bryan Banek. Conservative Baptist from Spring, TX. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in late 1998, and have been medicated ever since. Twenty plus years of never forgetting to take my two meds. Life is good for me. I have no felony charges, and no problems with the law in over 20 years. Not even a traffic citation. I was blessed with a genius IQ, and a pretty creative mind. I graduated from Klein High School and attended aTm for 4 years. Withdrew from University my last semester due to Schizophrenia and Alcoholism. I learned so much living in the dorms and running servers, installing Ethernet cards and setting up workstations. I was “Resident Geek” for 2 semesters.

I took Accounting when I was 16 years old. I’ve been programming a computer since age 11. My parents purchased me an IBM PC Jr with Okidata printer and Hayes 2400 baud modem. I was shooting for a double major @ Texas A&M University, Accounting & Computer Science.

I am web designer for this website. I’ve known Cole for several years and assisted him getting all the Audio equipment and maintaining this website. Cole and I will be the two main contributors to this BLOG.

I am 13 years clean from hard drugs and sober. The only drug I partake in is Medical Cannabis. I even gave up smoking cigarettes. With that said, I try to be a productive member of society each day. The Cannabis helps with anxiety and side effects of the two meds I take.

Since I am Schizophrenic, I receive disability checks, Medicare & Medicaid. My expenses are paid for, but that doesn’t stop me from being productive around the house. I do a lot of community work also. A way of saying thank you back to the people. In April of this year, I received the neighborhoods “Resident of the Month” for all the cooking at neighborhood activities.

I beat the odds! Only 1% of alcohol/drug users clean their act up. And only 5% of mentally ill patients take their medicine religiously. I was “dual diagnosis”: Having a dependency problem in conjunction with a severe mental illness.

With all the above said, I offer my voice on differing subjects to come.


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