Learning Computers is a sought out skill in every type of business these days. I was lucky, my father purchased me 4-5 computer systems over a 10 year period as a child. I learned BASIC in the 5th grade. Learned AutoCAD in high school and took “Computer MATH” my junior year in high school. All these computers I used are a fraction of the speed I was given to learn on compared to modern day computers. Saying all this, a 5th grade student can purchase a desktop or laptop computer, or for $150 you can get a 4GB Quad core Raspberry Pi 4 mini computer. The Pi comes with a Linux operating system and Python, an easy to use programming language. Python can be downloaded to any Windows Desktop. The Raspberry Pi 4 is a faster computer than the SGI Risc computers used to do all the rendering/computer graphics in the movie “Terminator 2”. So if you are an economically under privileged parent or child, this $150 investment is worth every penny. The raspberry 4 comes with wired Gigabit Internet and wireless capabilities. All you would need is access to a HDTV with HDMI Connection or a used 32″ HDTV. Most kits come with necessary cables, SD Card for main storage (At least 64 GB). You will need to make sure you get a keyboard and mouse.


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